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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a natural technique that helps to promote healing by channeling Divine/Universal energy to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Anyone with the desire to be well can easily learn to tap into the unlimited supply of Universal energy and enhance his/her quality of life by improving their health.

  • Healing is a choice: Only you are able to make the decision to move toward optimum health.

  • Healing is a way of life: Only you can develop the awareness that being healthy and happy is possible.

  • Healing is channeling: The channeling of positive energy moves it through you and sends it to those around you.

  • Healing is knowledge: Knowing about the integration of your body, mind, and spirit will have a positive impact on your state of health.

  • Healing is accepting self-responsibility and taking charge of your own life.

  • Healing is loving and accepting yourself––your whole self.

Once you begin your inner journey toward healing, spiritual growth, and understanding, your awareness will shift into a new place and start to grow. You begin to understand your life’s purpose in a deeper way, and the confidence you have in your inner guidance becomes stronger and clearer. Your body, mind, and spirit open up, and you begin balancing these three parts of yourself in wholeness and harmony. You become more understanding, caring, loving, forgiving, non-judgmental, and healthy. Purpose becomes reality; you talk the talk and walk the walk. What an incredible feeling . . . loving yourself and being free to be who you are!

To those who seek healing on all levels, I wish you love and light.

Welcome to a new beginning of helping yourself heal by loving and accepting yourself!

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Imagine being able to utilize the power of your mind for the purpose of healing yourself with Divine energy, simply by asking for help. Energy Healing works just like that. The healer expresses an intention to channel Divine energy, and the energy is activated when the healer’s hands are placed on the recipient. The healer then expresses the intention to move Ki, or Vital Life Force, energy when scanning and sweeping the aura. This process allows the healing energy to dissolve congestion, cleanse the diseased area, and then energize it. Most importantly, it clears the way for healing to be more effective by allowing the body’s energy to flow freely through the Chakras so the body is able to heal. The client feels calm, balanced, and grounded after a session.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy Healing is not a substitute for treatment by a doctor or traditional medicine. If you have a health condition and want to treat it with Energy Healing, it is recommended that you do so with the agreement/awareness of a knowledgeable physician, psychologist, or other healthcare professional. Energy Healing is a hands-on modality that is very relaxing. This powerful technique relieves stress, creates balance and harmony, and helps speed recovery time from trauma or injuries. Energy Healing treats the whole person––the body, mind, and spirit––in order to help stimulate the healing process. A treatment can last up to an hour or more, creating inner peace and total relaxation!

Energy Healing works on a wide array of conditions and produces long-lasting results.

Energy Healing:

  • works on mental, physical, emotional & spiritual levels.

  • works on all seven Major Chakras.

  • is an alternative, natural healing modality.

  • can be combined with other healing methods.

  • works complements traditional medical treatments.

  • loosens blocked energy that could eventually cause disease.

  • is an intelligent energy that goes where the body needs it.

  • is always available and begins flowing whenever you need it.

  • allows you to take responsibility for your own healing.

  • does not conflict with religious beliefs.

  • is useful for treating sports injuries.

  • is very effective for pain management.

  • is recommended for treating cuts and burns.

  • reduces trauma from surgery with less bleeding and pain, resulting in quicker recovery.

  • promotes healing.

  • eliminates toxins.

  • helps to release daily stress.

  • helps to restore the body’s balance and promotes self-healing.

  • restores depleted energy and vitality.

  • creates inner harmony and awareness.

  • promotes calmness and serenity.

  • minimizes the feeling of helplessness that often occurs during a crisis situation.

  • helps promote love, affection, understanding, compassion, and trust from within.

  • promotes self-awareness so you can change your life for the better.

  • allows the body to experience total peace and relaxation.

Who Can Benefit from Energy Healing?

Everyone! Energy Healing facilitates healing in a variety of circumstances. It recognizes the Universal Life Force energy and uses it to promote balance and total health. Energy Healing is a gateway for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. The goal is to discover the limitation causing the blockage, recognize its pattern and source, and then release it. Letting go allows the body, mind, and spirit to heal. Once you understand and release your limitations, the growth and healing processes are set in motion. Life begins unfolding as never before. Anyone with a deep desire to heal will truly benefit from this therapeutic modality.

Energy Healing is particularly useful for doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and anyone wishing to bring a gentle touch and deeper level of care into their healing practices.

Patients in intensive care units or in any hospital environment can benefit greatly from Energy Healing, especially where human contact is important. The patients will feel more connected to and comforted by their caretakers.

Babies, small children, and even animals are especially receptive to this energy because they are so open to receiving its loving touch.

The elderly and ill can benefit greatly from Energy Healing on many levels. Our society is structured so that many older citizens find themselves on their own, whether through the breakup of their family structure, death of a partner, lacking children to assist them, or other reasons. Many live alone, far from relatives, or in homes and communities for the elderly. As a result of being alone much of the time, they often experience feelings of depression, disorientation, loneliness, and lack of self-worth. When the enjoyment of life diminishes, they tend to get sick and frequently become bedridden. Replenishing Life Force energy with Energy Healing can help these individuals heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, making them better able to cope with their situation and live a better quality of life.

Death and the process of dying are perceived in different ways throughout the world. Generally, we are afraid of death and feel it is the worst thing that can happen to us. In reality, death is a natural process and a part of life. Birth and death are transformations of existence. In death, we leave the physical plane and our immortal essence, our soul, moves on to the next realm in its process of spiritual development. Energy Healing can provide support and make the death transition easier for the person who is dying. You can hold the dying person’s hand and treat him/her with Energy Healing, thus making the person feel protected and more accepting and understanding of the process they are going through. It helps them to feel calmer and at peace, allowing them to transition easier and more peacefully.

Energy Healing is for everyone. It is about healing the body, mind, and the spirit.

What Does an Energy Healing Treatment Consist Of?

  1. Unlike massage, the client is fully dressed.

  2. The client expresses their reason for having the treatment, such as stress reduction, pain alleviation, and so on.

  3. The individual lies comfortably on the table or sits in a chair while soft music plays in the background.

  4. The practitioner, beginning at the client’s head, places his or her hands on more than 20 energy centers of the body. This promotes proper flow of the body’s energy and helps to unblock energy centers that may be congested.

  5. During the session, the patient is awake but at times may become so relaxed that they fall asleep.

  6. After the treatment is finished, the practitioner discusses what the client may be experiencing.

  7. Benefits are usually felt immediately, but they may take a few days to appear. Individual results vary.

  8. Treatment time may vary depending upon the individual and the problems being addressed.

  9. The end result is total inner peace and relaxation.

How Energy Healing Saved a Baby Blue Jay’s Life

I would like to mention my “Bird Story.” It demonstrates how energy healing saved a baby bird’s life. My husband and I were at the Fashion Mall in Plantation, Florida. We had just walked out of the mall when I noticed a bird lying on the ground. I immediately went to the bird and picked it up. I could feel that it was barely breathing. A stranger passing by saw me and said, “Oh, birds die here all the time. They fly into the windows.” I looked at her, but she just walked away. I then sat down with the bird in my hand and asked my husband to go get water. As I scanned the bird’s body, I felt the pain in its head and began to do energy healing. I did sweeping, clearing, and energizing for the next few minutes. Soon after, the bird opened its eyes and just looked at me. It was still unable to move. My husband came with the water, and I put some drops into its mouth. I continued doing healing and felt the congested area had become clear. About fifteen minutes later, the bird sat up and continued looking at me. When I felt he was better, I moved one hand away and it tried to fly. The bird did succeed briefly but fell to the ground again. Once more, I picked it up and continued to do healing.

Since this was a baby bird, we decided to look for an animal hospital where he would get the proper nourishment and care. We got in the car and began driving, looking for a vet. I continued holding the bird, and it continued to look at me. I even began to kiss it softly on the head, and it let me. I told the bird how happy I was that it had made it. We found an animal hospital that accepted the bird and would care for it. They looked at me and said, “More people should be so considerate of animals.” They thanked me for bringing it there.

When we got back to the car, tears of joy came from my eyes, and I thanked God for this miracle. You see, if it weren’t for me picking up the bird and doing healing on him, he would have died, lying there alone on the concrete.

I hope your enjoyed my story. Have a beautiful day filled with love and light, Barbara

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