See yourself smoking less and less every day and by the end of listening to the MP3 #1.


MP3#2 you will be a Non-Smoker dissolving any unwanted impulses like salt dissolves in a cup of hot water. Feel your new image allowing the positive changes that you’ve made by becoming and remaining a permanent non-smoker.


MP3#3 Remain a non-smoker.....As a non-smoker you empower yourself and success grows stronger and stronger, easier and easier every moment of every day…You will succeed unstoppably by easily gaining an hour, each hour a day, each day a week, each week, gaining the rest of your life, a smoke-free, cigarette-free life…Free, free, forever, free at last! 


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Kick the Habit – Stop Smoking 3 MP3 set

  • Three mp3’s for Beginning to Quit Smoking, Stop Smoking and Remaining a Non-Smoker

    Save thousands of dollars and give yourself a gift of living a long and healthy life with the Quit Smoking Series.

    Every journey is different as you can take control of this addiction to cigarette smoking. 

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