Over the summer, I have seen preschoolers, youths, teenagers from elementary, middle, high school and college for anxiety. A lot of the reason they are usually bullied in school. Their emotional and reactions are sad…no confidence, afraid to stick up for themselves, feels ill usually with stomach ache, headache, unable to focus, fearful of walking into the lunchroom and bathroom, and the list goes on and on. I have noticed that some are fearful to let their parents know they are being bullied. They fear their parent going to school and feel humiliated unable to take care of themselves. Some feel like babies hiding behind their parents. This is why I wrote this e-book..."Mommy...Why is Everybody Picking on Me?"Can a child be bully-proofed? I believe so with proper guidance.


"Bullying is about an abuse of power," I feel. "It can manifest in physical aggression, the spreading of embarrassing information, name-calling, and more." Children who don't have access to "healthy" power in their lives, may resort to bullying to feel powerful, albeit in a negative way.


A teen, hurting inside, might feel a little better for a short time when presented with an opportunity to hurt someone else. I felt the harmful effects of bullying in my own formative years. Luckily for me, my mother taught me to fight back and to stand up for myself. Even when I was expelled for hitting a bully, my mom understood. "You learned courage," she told me.


Bullying is not a new problem. But it changed in the modern era. It is more serious. It is estimated that more than 3 million children are bullied in each academic year in the US. Is your child one of them? Social media brought unappropriated behavior to a teen's pocket – right through his/her cell phone. Cyber-bullying is a real threat to hundreds of school children each day. It spills over into the next school day and morphs into emotional- or physical bullying. I felt compelled to write a book to help the parents of bullied children.


A child must be taught awareness and skills. He/she must know how to protect him/or herself and know when to seek help.My book "Mommy, Why is Everybody Picking on Me" contains strategies to help a child deal with bullying.


It outlines the types of bullying that can occur and identifies characteristics that bullies hone onto when choosing their victims.

  • What are the signs that can warn you that your child is being bullied? There are more than ten different warning signs that parents ought to know about.
  • What can you do about bullying? This book discusses social competence and assertiveness as preventative measures, as well as the nurturing of self-confidence and overall confidence in your children.
  • The strategies are practical and easy to understand.The book also discusses what to do if you discover your child is the bully and handles the issue with hands-on tactics and sensitivity.
  • With over 10% of teens dropping out of school due to bullying in the US today, can you afford not to read it? The 35 page downloadable book: "Mommy...Why is Everybody Picking on Me" is just $7.99. Check out the link below.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email: BarbaraESavin@aol.com or call me 805-390-2915.Have a beautiful week filled with love and light, Barbara


Introduction: My Story

Chapter One: Child Bullying – Helping Your Child with a Bully

Chapter Two: Types of Bullying

Chapter Three: Which Children Are More Likely to Be Victims?

Chapter Four: Signs Your Child Is a Victim of Bullying

Chapter Five: How to Prevent Your Child from Becoming a Bullying Victim

Chapter Six: Self-Confidence

Chapter Seven: Communication Between You and Your Child

Chapter Eight: Assertiveness

Chapter Nine: Self-Esteem

Chapter Ten: What to Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

Chapter Eleven: What to Do If Your Child Is a Bully

Chapter Twelve: Confronting Your Child




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