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Meditating on the Beach

Hypnosis & Meditation

Should You Use Hypnosis or Meditation?
What’s the Difference?

Are hypnosis and meditation just different terms for the same phenomena? Hypnosis and meditation both produce impressive results when applied properly and consistently. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Hypnosis has been around as long as people have roamed the Earth. However, the idea of hypnotism wasn’t proposed until far more recently.

While they may appear similar, hypnosis and meditation differ in several important ways. One isn’t a good substitute for the other, but both can be powerful tools.

Understand the differences between hypnosis and meditation:
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Hypnosis is dissociative. In a highly hypnotized state, the subject is unaware of his immediate surroundings. It’s akin to being in a dream that’s directed by himself or another person.

It often uses visualization techniques to experience new ways of reacting to the same stimuli in the future.

Could be viewed as experiencing something with your senses that’s not really there. When you close your eyes and imagine something, you’re hypnotized. When you relive a conversation in your head, you’re hypnotized. How much time do you think you spend hypnotized each day?

Is more outcome oriented. Hypnosis is often undertaken to solve a challenge or to enhance performance. Hypnosis is used to get over a trauma, increase self-esteem, lose weight, or quit smoking. It’s directed at a specific outcome. Meditation isn’t normally applied in this way.

Is aimed at the subconscious. It’s believed that hypnosis works around the conscious mind and influences the subconscious. It’s easier to address the subconscious while the conscious mind is otherwise occupied.


Meditation is the opposite. The goal of meditation is complete presence

Can help by revealing the reality that stress and anxiety are self-induced.

Attempts to be devoid of thought. In most types of meditation, the objective is to concentrate on an object, such as the breath, and create a mental state with minimal thought activity.

Meditation seeks to eliminate everything except the truth. All opinions, beliefs, and preconceptions are dropped. Nothing remains but mental stillness

It keeps you real Once you get to know your mind, you start to own your stuff and become more authentic, maybe even humble. You realize the stories and soap operas your mind puts you through and you gain some perspective on them. You realize most of us are caught up in a mind-drama and become more compassionate towards others.

How do I Start?

Make Time - Be Open To Knowledge - Get Serious

It all begins with the desire to gain a deeper understanding of who you are. There is no one single practice out there that will work for everyone, or produce the same results. Everyone's journey is different and unique. We provide tools, knowledge and information that will help you find a deep level of understanding. All we ask is that you put in the time, get serious and get ready to find treasure after treasure.

Ever heard about brainwashing and the TV subliminal messages? We all have. As mentioned above we spent a great deal of time hypnotised. You don't have to stop watching TV, you simply need to stay in control. You are surrendering your control, all you have to do is constantly work on your mind regain the control you given up. Like anything it won't be easy, you will have some great days and others will simply be gray and gloom. Continues growth takes time, and effort! Give yourself the gift of time. YOU DESERVE IT!

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