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What Is Energy Healing

  • What is energy healing?
    Energy healing include a set of techniques that are often used in mind-body-spirit healing. Energy therapy is an approach that focuses on rebalancing the energy system of the body, affecting overall wellbeing. While it may seem that we are physical beings, we are actually a complex network of energies. This energy system is the basis of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, as well as many other ancient healing modalities. When our energies are being disrupted, flow irregularly, or become sluggish and blocked, we can begin to experience both physical and emotional symptoms. This can include pain, fear, excessive worry, allergies, the inability to heal or recover from injury, and many other issues. Energy therapy helps to re-balance these energies and instigate the body’s powerful self healing ability.
  • Why should I consider energy therapy?
    Old emotions from the past, limiting beliefs, and fears are some factors we may realize affect our wellbeing, but that doesn’t mean we always know how to change things. Energy therapy is a way to shift things that aren’t working in our lives. For many people, energy therapy often works when nothing else does. And it’s something that you can learn to practice on your own. Feeling out of control is one of the biggest triggers for us feeling unsafe in this world. And feeling unsafe is one of the major things I see affect overall wellbeing. Self-healing with energy therapy immediately works on counteracting that deep-seated feeling with every application you practice. In essence, it reverses helplessness. By embracing self-healing tools like energy therapy, you will learn to feel safe in your own hands, affirming the message of “I can be okay no matter what,” and “I can help myself!” In other words, the sheer act of taking your healing into your own hands sends a strong message to the body of safety and capability, actually re- versing the fight, fight, or freeze response. The practice of self-healing acts as its own healing modality. You will soon come to see that you are the key to a process of which you felt so wildly out of control.
  • Do I need to know what’s keeping me stuck?
    Most definitely not. And if you have no idea, you’re the norm! Part of my own discovery through my healing journey, was figuring this stuff out. And now, I teach my clients and readers how to do that for themselves, too. This can be the fun part, too … learning all the silly things we’ve been letting hold us back.
  • Do I need to be sick to use energy healing?
    Not at all. In fact, if you don’t have any physical symptoms, you are actually a bit ahead of the game. Typically, emotional energies like grief, fear, anger, and feeling anxious tend to transform faster than physical symptoms. Even though it often feels like physical symptoms arose overnight, they’ve been brewing a long time in the energy system before they manifest as physical. They can take a bit of time to clear.
  • Does energy therapy work in conjunction with medicine or natural treatment?
    Yes! Energy work is not a substitute in any way for medical care. The energetic body and the physical body, although intertwined, are each their own systems. Energy work will not interfere with whatever program you are following with your physician. It will only serve to enhance it. This often happens with clients, because as we start removing emotional blocks from healing, all the good stuff your doctors and natural practitioners are doing can actually work without interference or resistance.
  • Does energy therapy interfere with religion?
    There is nothing in energy therapy that is linked to or opposed to any type of religion. It’s literally just working on letting go of energy blocks in the body. My clients vary in their religious beliefs from Jews to Christian to Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and none have ever found an issue. I completely honor each person’s religious and spiritual beliefs and never integrate religious terminology into our work unless specifically asked.
  • How fast will I see results with my challenge?
    The answer to this varies (I know, I know….you’re sick of hearing that). When I work one-on-one with clients, I usually see people start to turn a corner (in other words, see some big shifts) somewhere between the third and sixth session. I have found healing is a process of gently working on layers of emotional stuff that’s contributed to where you are today. It’s a weaving, flowing process of healing. The body knows exactly in what order it needs to release things and I find over and over again that when we just follow the flow, it happens. Sometimes seemingly small things need to be released before we can get to the bigger layers keeping symptoms locked in place. I always trust my intuition (and yours!) about where to go with a session (especially when it’s not where I planned to go!). I love watching the process unfold and never get tired of the excitement when things start to really shift. Sometimes they do it very quickly and sometimes it’s more subtle and over time – it all depends on what your body needs to release, in what order, and how much time you need to do that. While things like grief, fear and anger tend to transform faster, physical symptoms can sometimes take longer to shift. The emotional release works to reduce the stress on the immune system. It may then take time for the body to heal. For some people, it is actually very counter-intuitive to push for quick results. I have found that can stop healing in its tracks. Because we often have so many reasons we are scared (even if we are not aware of them consciously) to heal, and symptoms can provide us safety in some ways; I actually feel it can be threatening to the body to try to take those away too fast. Rushing the process can not only feel uncomfortable, it simply just doesn’t work.
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