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Important Reads for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

You are not just the human you see in the mirror. You are a combination of mind, body and spirit, a blend exclusive to you in it's energies, personality, biases, intentions and everything that makes up an entity.

The Conscious Body

The conscious body module is all about conscious eating and getting your body healthy. Here you will find the tools you need to help you take control, have determination and the will power to begin your journey of living a healthy life! It’s time to cut out the unhealthy foods! As you access and use your super-conscious mind, your ability to make miraculous changes in your thoughts and actions is fortified; your personal power and self-preservation mechanism work extremely and lovingly. Making your success becomes an inevitable conclusion. 

The Conscious MIND

The conscious mind module is all about mindfulness and awareness of self. Here you will find the tools you need to help you understand and learn to be mindful, when the mind is healthy the body rips the benefits.  Increasing your capacity for mindfulness supports many attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life. Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, helps you become fully engaged in activities, and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.The journey starts with you, dare to take the first step to a better you! It’s time to take responsibility and eliminate the mental blocks that are holding you back! 

The Conscious Spirit

The conscious spirit module is all about love and kindness towards self. Here you will find the tools you need to help you find balance of self using the frequency of love and light, appreciating the oneness of all things, and listening to the infinite creation with patience and love. The spirit is a focal point of intelligent consciousness part of a unified creation, one with all that exists. Your spirit is unique and an everlasting energetic entity that is truly you. It's the channel for in-pouring universal energies, for the sharing of thoughts, feeling and beingness with all creation everywhere, no matter where in the universe, what dimension or plane of existence.

Most importantly, the mind, body and spirit are essentially linked and interdependent, overlapping and intertwined. The spirit is intertwined and inseparable from the mind, and the mind is interlinked with the body - all are interdependent. 

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