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Kick the Habit with Hypnosis


     Hypnosis is a simple method to help end your smoking addiction for good. As long as you first make the decision to quit. Hypnosis for smoking cessation can help you break the dependency mechanism without gaining weight or wearing any uncomfortable needles or patches.

     Hypnosis therapy is a treatment method that can be used to help people make changes in their way of thinking and behavior, so that they can live happier and more fulfilled lives. This treatment involves putting the patient into a trance or hypnotic state, in which they become more susceptible to suggestive language. Unlike how it is often portrayed on television or entertaining shows, the patient is still in control of their free will and cannot be forced to do anything they do not want. The hypnotherapist speaks to the patient in a soothing voice, suggesting ideas that help to reinforce certain ideas or behaviors.

     What this does is communicates with the patient’s subconscious, where the motivations for their actions lie hidden.

This method of treatment can be used to change behaviors and has been successful in helping many people to stop smoking as well. The process to stop smoking hypnosis works essentially the same as making other behavioral changes, as the associations in their subconscious mind that causes the behavior must be altered. However, the suggestions that are typically made in sessions to quit smoking pertain to the destructive nature of the habit and the need to preserve the body.

     There are three key ideas when you are trying to quit smoking hypnosis: by smoking you are poisoning your body, you need your body in order to live, and that you should respect and protect your body. This is used often in conjunction with imagery of the negative associated health risks. With the help of a hypnotherapist, you could drop your dirty smoking habit.

     With the following 3 MP3s you will discover the power within you to quit smoking. Please listen in order and remember that every journey is different. If urges of smoking come back listen to the MP3s again. I recommend you listen while not driving, find a comfortable space where you can relax. 

Kick The Habit e-book
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