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The story of someone’s experience will always carry more weight than his or her opinion.


What to expect:

You and Barbara will sit and talk about what you feel you need cleared and healed. During that time, Barbara (intuitively) finds out what the root cause of your challenge is. Then you to lie on a massage table, fully clothed, and your shoes should be removed. Barbara will ask you to set a purpose for the healing for yourself to yourself. You will then ask relax, close your eyes and allow the energy to do the work for you. During the session you may feel tingling, feelings of cold or heat, energy leaving or releasing from certain areas of your body. Barbara may have to touch or not touch you (please discus with Barbara your preference). After the session, you will be awaken gently, you will then have the opportunity to discuss what you were feeling.


The majority of my clients feel much lighter after our session. They also feel more in harmony and aligned with themselves. Their blocks are removed allowing their energy to flow freely again.​


Energy Healing includes consultation 90 minutes

    Tel: 805-390-2915
    5703 Corsa Avenue, Westlake Blvd. CA 91362
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