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“We all have the power and ability to heal ourselves. Through Barbara, I have discovered what energy work is and can do…within us, and surrounding us. Learning how to engage and shift that energy, has allowed me to embrace a deeper sense of inner calm, balance and peace in my life.”

—Christina Aguilera

“Barbara Savin is an extraordinary energy healer. I have referred friends, family and patients to her for years and I have always been amazed at the results. This book will benefit everyone who reads it. I give her and her book the highest recommendation.”

―Sharon Norling, MD, MBA, author of Your Doctor Is Wrong

“I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara for nearly ten years and have found her care of patients to be outstanding. She has a remarkable ability to bond with her patients through her empathy and charm. Her level of expertise and ability with Energy Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy is unmatched and has helped so many patients through the years. I’m sure this book will be a wonderful tool for those interested in Energy Healing in the years to come.”

 ―Jonathan R. Cole, MD, Managing Partner, California Health & Longevity Institute

"Barbara’s powerful ability to help one help themselves is completely innate and unwavering.

When we first spoke – I had inquired about guided meditation through a spa service, and she was responding.  Within about 5 minutes of the conversation, Barbara told me she really felt very strongly that while she was happy to provide that assistance – I was really in much greater need of energy healing.

I felt inordinately stressed and anxious – not sick – so in that moment I experienced something I have always struggled with – feeling as if I was being told I couldn’t have something that I thought I wanted and needed to feel better.

As we continued the conversation and I explained what I did for a living in Human Resources, and how many people and their problems that I touch and touch me every day, Barbara became more and more resolute about the course of treatment to be healing.  The longer we spoke, the more I began to trust her.

And then we met.  I had no concept of what I had been carrying around with me energetically and emotionally for years – decades.  Nor was I prepared for how cathartic and lightening – literally a lightening of the spirit that soon followed after our first session.

I have been in psychoanalysis for years, and while I value that work very much I’ve never encountered an experience that had such a visceral effect on my heart, body and mind.

My head was clearer, my heart more open and compassionate and my spirit capable of greater love toward myself and others.  It was that “new” feeling that you get with a fresh haircut, a car wash or new outfit – but not in any superficial terms.  It was like my soul got a reboot back to the purity of my original self, before becoming bogged down by the demands, expectations and judgement of others.

Working with Barbara has enabled me to be the my most authentic self – and shine while doing so.  When I’m not seeing her, I employ techniques that keep me calibrated and remind me of the protection and rejuvenation that her presence in my life has facilitated.

Barbara is an extraordinary, excessively accessible gift – one who knows and has fought for her right to share herself with others in this tremendous capacity.

I am indebted to the path that brought Barbara Savin to my own."


Mindy D. Perrin, VP, Human Resources

“Barbara Savin is an inspiring teacher, healer, and author. Her energy healing method works. She inspires many people to heal themselves and others. This book is a true gift to people who want to learn more about the art of healing. Barbara is gifted with the ability to teach this material, her book is easy to read, and her methods are easy to learn. Highly recommended!”

―Marilyn Gordon, life transformation teacher and author of Healing Is Remembering

“Barbara Savin is the most intuitive, kind-hearted, and empowering person I know. Her Energy Healing work has changed my life. Thanks to her, I feel more connected than I ever have to myself and more capable of tapping into my personal connection to the Universe. She has given me a renewed sense of inner strength that has taken me to new levels in my personal life and in my career.” 

―Lindsay Rush, songwriter/music executive

A month before I ever heard of Reiki, I started to feel like I had a weight sitting on my chest and it was hard to breathe. I had dinner with a girlfriend and she told me about a psychic fair she recently attended where she had a Reiki session. She told me about the different chakras and how hers were unblocked by this session. I immediately felt like the weight on my chest was the cause of a huge block in my heart chakra. I was involved in a relationship that had a major trust issue and I really wanted to overcome it, so I made an appointment with Barbara Savin, the Reiki Master who gave the Reiki session to my girlfriend.I went into the Reiki session without knowing what to expect. As soon as the session started, I felt my grandmother’s spirit enter the room. It was a very emotional experience. I felt a very hot energy around my heart and all of a sudden, the block was lifted. It was such an intense feeling of joy that went through my body. I was very relaxed after the session and my heart chakra felt cleared.


After a difficult break-up from an abusive relationship, I turned to Reiki again. Although I had been in therapy for three years to help me deal with an abusive childhood, I felt the one Reiki session that I had with Barbara worked more than the three years in therapy combined. I enrolled in a Reiki I class, and it was a very emotional experience. I learned about the different chakras in the body and what each chakra represented. It also made me aware that we are all made of energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, so we still live on after we leave our physical bodies. Shortly after, I took Reiki II and learned the lessons of forgiveness and how it is important for us to forgive other people.When I give myself Reiki and work on a certain chakra, my questions about why I feel angry, lonely, or have other emotions created from fear, are usually answered. I was always questioning why I had to go through such an abusive and devastating experience with an ex-boyfriend and the answer came to me – it was to put me back in touch with my spiritual self and with God. I grew up as a Catholic and was taught to fear God. So when I became independent and lived on my own, I turned my back on God and decided that God was not real. In reality, what I really wanted to believe was that the Catholic vengeful God wasn’t real, and, therefore I could not be controlled and could be independent. I was raised in a strict household where I could never make my own decisions or do what I wanted to do. As I grew older, I felt that if I believed there wasn’t a God, then that would give me more freedom because I could make my own choices and not go to hell for doing things that were against the Catholic religion. Being in the abusive relationship made me find Reiki in order to heal myself, but believing in Reiki also meant that I must believe in God because it is God’s energy. Experiencing the Reiki energy makes me realize that God’s energy is part of us. It is still a struggle to accept that God gives me unconditional love, so I will continue to use Reiki to help me heal and let God back into my life.Last month I had my second Reiki session with Barbara. Before it started, I asked my grandmother again to come into the session for help. I didn’t feel her presence right away, but she did come in. I saw her in my mind’s eye, standing next to me wearing the familiar dress and apron. She gave me a big hug and I started to cry and release all the sadness and hurt that I held inside since she died when I was eight years old. I didn’t want her to leave me again, but when she had to go, I knew that she would always be there for me whenever I would ask for her. The Reiki session also helped me to take one step closer to faith in knowing that I am never alone; that God and my spirit guides and angels are always with me.

Susan Natoli

“Barbara has been an invaluable asset to our team at the California Health and Longevity Institute. She has a rare blend of compassion, knowledge, and talent that makes her a truly gifted Energy Healer.

This book is sure to bring comfort and help to readers.”

―Steven Tan, MD, MTOM, LAc

“During my first healing session with Barbara, I experienced the strangest thing: I felt her hands on or above my head, for instance, but then she would touch my feet and I realized she was nowhere near my head. Whose hands were those?? I told her what I had experienced and she said, “it’s not just me doing the healing, I ask for help from the angels.” A few weeks after the session, I looked back and realized how much my life had truly improved in the time since that session with Barbara. I was much happier, more in love, more at peace and more creative and energetic than I had been in a very long time. Barbara and the angels made a huge difference in my life!”

―Heather Holley, music producer and songwriter

“Barbara has been a Godsend in helping my patients heal patterns that were dormant, unconscious, or generally out of their reach. Her gentle demeanor and kindness compliment the directness in her work. She has taught many of my clients energy healing and has helped them on all levels to heal.”

―Dr. David Shirazi, DDS, MS, MA, LAc

“Consider the knowledge you are about to acquire a gift. Consider it the first step in your journey of self-discovery, enlightenment and spiritual healing. When we learn how to heal our bodies and our minds, and love others and ourselves, is when we truly grow and mature spiritually. With each step, we get closer to our true goal of reconnecting with the Divine.

With love and enlightenment to you all.” 

―Joan Mazzeo-Little, RN, Gentle Energy Touch Master/Teacher, North Carolina

“Science tells us that energy is real. It can’t be created, and it can’t be destroyed, but it can be harnessed. Barbara has a very blessed way of moving energy. She is a servant of goodwill and promoting light.”

—Pharrell Williams

“At a very stressful time in my life, Barbara was there to offer me energy healing, and I accepted. It helped me clear my mind, relax, gain composure of my emotions, and give me permission to refocus the direction of my life. During one session I felt tingling throughout my whole body, and another time I saw a white light completely engulf me, and then felt a complete calm wash over me. After several sessions, Barbara taught me how to do energy healing on myself. A great benefit of energy healing is that it can be taught to individuals for self-care, thus encouraging them to take responsibility for their own well-being and state of health. What a gift. Energy Healing is a wonderful means to help yourself and others. Barbara, thank you. Lots of love and light.” 

―Leia Stathakos, MD, Brooklyn, New York

There are a few special people who cross your path in life and help change it for the better. For me, one of these people is Barbara Savin. Barbara is a genuinely beautiful spirit who gives of herself to help others achieve peace and calm in their lives. She is a natural born healer.I was fortunate to meet Barbara when she came in to interview for a position as a Reiki practitioner at a Women’s Center I was running. We offered conventional medicine and complementary therapies such as chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, reflexology, yoga, and Pilates. To be frank, I did not know much about Reiki, and the little I did know did not convince me that it could help cure various maladies. I was a true skeptic. I asked Barbara to perform Reiki on me right then and there, but I only had ten to fifteen minutes to spare. Barbara explained that I would need at least thirty to sixty minutes to feel its effects completely, but she was willing to try it on me for fifteen minutes. Well, on this particular day, like too many others, I had about ten to fifteen things I needed to complete before I could even think about going home. My head was racing and I had a raging headache, most likely stress induced. Barbara slowly worked her “magic” as I sat quietly on a chair. After fifteen minutes I felt very relaxed, focused, and refreshed. I was sold. After this wonderful encounter, Barbara worked on several patients at the center who loved her. At this point I started reading about Reiki and discovered its amazing history and beginnings. Reiki, I discovered, is considered to be Universal Life Force Energy. It helps provide a means of gaining happiness and helps heal various ailments and symptoms of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. Many recipients of Reiki experience relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, and a sense of peacefulness and well-being. I have read several case reports of the amazing healing powers of Reiki from helping a child with asthma to helping a trauma victim stop bleeding.

At a very stressful time in my life when a “devil” crossed my path and destroyed a dream I had created, Barbara was there to offer me Reiki, and I accepted. It helped me clear my mind, relax, gain composure of my emotions, and give me permission to refocus the direction of my life. During one session I felt tingling throughout my whole body and another time I saw a white light completely engulf me, and then felt a complete calm wash over me. After several sessions, Barbara taught me how to do Reiki on myself. A great benefit of Reiki is that it can be taught to individuals for self-care, thus encouraging them to take responsibility for their own well-being and state of health. I was on my way to becoming a Reiki Level I practitioner. What a gift. Reiki is a wonderful means to help yourself and others. Barbara, thank you.

Leia Stathakos M.D.

“Barbara Savin grew up in a world of energy healing. Her Grandma Jenny was good at it. When her grandmother died, she tried to leave that world behind, but increasingly-challenging health issues kept pushing her back to it. When she finally acquiesced, her life and her career changed. Over the past two decades she has become one of the most notable energy healers in the country. She is convinced that anyone can learn to do what she does.Gentle Energy Touch is the protocol she developed to teach people how to do that. No elaborate lifestyle changes or expensive courses are required. The core of the practice is unblocking and enhancing life force energy. Your customers will find exercises for learning to sense energy, for protecting themselves, and for opening to the flow of healing energy ― as well as suggested hand positions for healing themselves and others. Thorough and well-intentioned, this is a complete, clearly-written manual for anyone interested in energy healing.” —Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight, Feb/March 2016

“Dear Barbara, when I met you, I felt we were on the same plane and was very glad to have found a new friend. I had no idea how good a healer you truly were until we had a session. You read my body and assessed the situations, dental issues, and identified the pain in my neck discussed the issues, and then the pain went away. I felt like I was hypnotized at some points, being aware of everything you were saying. Then you said there was a woman nearby with short brunette hair. It was my dearly departed Mother (d.1982), I could feel her too. That was exciting for me as well. I know that you have helped many others with your talented healing powers and would recommend you to anyone who wants to have sessions or you teaching them energy healing.”

―Shelley R. Kramer, Director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition for Los Angeles

“A fantastic book for anyone curious about energy healing. This is the book I was looking for thirty years ago when I began my journey as a psychic medium and healer. Barbara Savin does a beautiful job of sharing, teaching, and validating experiences that are otherwise unexplainable to many people stepping into this new realm of awareness. Years of experience and insight have given Barbara an amazing understanding of something so subtle, yet powerful: our ability to heal ourselves. This is the secret that is ready to be unleashed, and thanks to Barbara the information is now available to anyone willing to read it.”

 –Sunny Dawn Johnston, author of Invoking the Archangelsand The Love Never Ends: Messages from the Other Side

“Dearest Barbara,
I have enjoyed the hypnosis therapy and reiki sessions with you and I’ve been using your sleep aid CD and weight loss CD and they have both helped me in my sleep and relaxation and also

i listen weekly to the weight loss CD to put me on track and give me the push I need.
I totally recommend Barbara sessions and CDs.” 

Najla Al-Homaizi

“I have sent countless friends to Barbara, and I am thrilled that she can share her gifts with you through this book.” 

―Pat Benatar, 4-time Grammy winner

The first energy healing experience I ever had was a one-hour “Healing Touch” with Barbara Savin at the California Longevity Institute. I did not know what to expect and was a bit skeptical as to the validity of her methods. During the session, I was very surprised to feel the wave of energy, like an electric current, undulating up and down my whole body. Barbara worked on the blocked energy in my wrists which I thought might be contributing to their constant soreness and weakness. Shortly after my treatment, my wrist strength improved. I also became more and more aware of the energy in my body, especially every time I woke up from a nap and was coming out of a sub-conscious state. I am now fascinated with and open to learning more about the many methods of Energy Healing, including Reiki, that have been around for a long time. I am even considering a career in this field.”

H. David, Newport Beach, CA

“I met Barbara at the home of a friend. She was very generous and patient in answering my questions about what she does and how she got started as a healer. After sensing my interest, Barbara offered to do some healing on me. Barbara found and cleared the energy blockages in six of my seven charkas. The process was painless and afterwards, I felt very peaceful and more aware of my surroundings. After our encounter, I have noticed a difference in my energy and the beginning of a healing process. My thoughts have become clearer and more focused and life has become simpler. I just feel better. In looking forward to our next healing session. I am hopeful that I can release some of the extra weight I am carrying along with negative energy and old emotional patterns. Barbara is amazing. She helped me find a whole healthier state of being. How lucky I am to have met her!”

Deborah K, Woodland Hills, CA

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!…… your wonderfully kind words, your encouragement, your caring, your dedication and determination, your healings, and your faith in me.
It’s been a long climb but you were always there for me, my inspiration.
I could not have done this without God and your unwavering help.
You literally saved my life and I will be eternally grateful!!!!!!
You are the one who should be so very proud of herself!
I just hope I can live up to your outstanding example.Love you,


Hi Barbara,How are you? I just wanted to give you some news which you had predicted. I found out on Saturday that I am pregnant. I am only 4 weeks so it’s very early. I am trying to be calm and hope for the best. Yesterday, March 12th, would have been the due date for my daughter. Needless to say, it was a very bittersweet weekend. Jeff and I went to Redondo for the weekend and had a little ceremony by the water to say goodbye to our daughter and think about the possibilities for a brighter future.Another coincidence – my new due date, if all goes well, would be November 20th, right around the time of my miscarriage. I don’t know what to make of that.

Jeff and I are hoping for a better outcome this time around. I can only take care of myself as best I can and take it one day at a time. I am relieved that I was able to get pregnant again; that is something I was really worried about. I will try to have faith that this time, things will be different.


My name is Liam Noel PhilpotI have been meditating for 40 years. My involvement with the Healing Arts
is extensive.Since i have been working with Barbara Savin I have been able to release many of the patterns that have caused problems for me both psychologically and physically. Barbara is a very powerful, caring Healer. I have met many Healers in the past, but I prefer Barbara because I have had amazing results from her Healing hands.Before I became involved with Barbara I was suffering from recurring bouts of muscle pains and headaches. Within a week of receiving healing from her, my ailments cleared, and they have not returned. It has been a year.I trust Barbara implicitly to help me with any problems that may arise. As well as her great Healing abilities she is a wonderful counselor, and a very loving and compassionate person.

Noel Philpot

Hi Barbara
I know your busy but just wanted to say thanks for seeing my son. I can see and feel a change in him. He seems excited about life right now. I really appreciate what you did for my family. I am still feeling really good and full of energy. I did have one bad day it just kind of hit my while I was driving down the freeway I got very teary and found it a little hard to breath and felt like I was losing all my energy. It lasted for a while than it passed and I felt good and full of energy again. I know you said I could have some emotional ups and downs, but can that hole in my back open up again?

Thank you again for everything. I would love to start learning more about healing and prana energy, can you tell me some good web sites and also where I can get your books?
Have a good day hope to hear from you soon love Evann

Barbara: I am doing wonderful………and my sinuses are clear this morning. I feel good about where we are and am committed to going forward. Much thanks for your encouragement and your support.
Have a wonderful day…………….Mary




Hi Barbara,I had a lovely Thanksgiving with lots of reasons to be thankful. And I was actually thinking about you on Saturday. Family dinner party and there’s still one smoker who was outside all by himself. Very isolating, I now realize.My nephews are thrilled and so am I. I will be forever in your debt as you changed my life in magical ways.

Thanks so much for making it not just bearable, but easy.

Thanks again, Barbara, and hope to see you soon.

Jacqueline C

How does one put into words the work of Barbara E. Savin? It’s difficult, as the way one feels, after having a Healing Touch session with her, says it all. I was glowing, literally, my aura so bright. I shed many tears of joy knowing that in her loving hands I was able to release many lifetimes of heartache. I bless you for your work, Barbara, for your love.

~ N. E. Fairchild

I am totally smoke free and expect to remain so. I have no desire to either smoke or tell others not to. I have no emotional attachment to it whatsoever and I am so grateful to you for that. I still look up at the sky when I’m walking and think about how beautiful the world is (affirmation that is still there) and have not replaced the smoking with eating, though I gained 8 pounds, I’m doing everything right and have tried not to beat myself up about it too much, so it will come off eventually.I read about you in the LA Times maybe a month ago and was so pleased that the author of the article felt the same way about you that I do. Congratulations!I did want to schedule a session with you for healing touch. Should I contact CHLI directly?

Thanks again, Barbara, and I hope to see you soon.

~ Jackie C

It is difficult for me to put into words how Barbara Savin has contributed to my wellness since I met her (in a garage!) Why difficult? Because what she connects with in our lives is almost immeasurable, yet at the same time, a tool for health when nothing has worked. Magical? I’d like to think so, but my experiences in her class and in personal sessions have provided tools to produce energizing changes to my body that have healed symptoms which doctors could not address properly.Barbara Savin is compassionate, skilled and grounded. She is generous with her knowledge and has profoundly influenced the improvement of my health with her healing therapies. Barbara is a healing salve in this stressful and fast-paced era. I am so fortunate to know her.

Andrea Massion

Isn’t it amazing how one encounter with someone can change our life? We go through each day, content in our little worlds, thinking that we have our life’s path all figured out. We drive down the same streets, go to the same job, and it becomes so familiar that we become complacent. We stop thinking about what we do each day.Then one day, someone comes into our life and changes everything including our destiny. And so it was in 2001. I had been a visiting nurse for fifteen years and was doing just another routine visit when I met Barbara Savin. She was visiting her mother (my patient) who was ill at the time. We had pleasant conversations during my next few visits and found we had a mutual interest in the alternative medicine field. She was a practicing Reiki Master in New York at the time. Unfortunately, our time together was short since she returned home to New York.

Later on that year, I was back at the same household again taking care of Barbara’s mom. Barbara visited for a few days. We decided that although our backgrounds were very different, we wanted to try to work together somehow. Living twelve hundred miles apart made that seem impossible.

And then there’s fate. We are all part of an intricate puzzle, being moved around the board of life like chess pieces, while our destiny unfolds. When you are destined to be doing something other than what you are, your angels guide you along certain paths to help facilitate change. Sometimes you listen and when you don’t and the signals they send become louder and louder until one day you are forced to pay attention.

My awakening came one day while doing home health visits. I had not been content for some time, drowning in paperwork every day, and feeling like I was not accomplishing a thing. My frustrations grew to the point that I was asking for guidance. What should my path be? My answer came in a very strange way. I had a patient who lived in the same development as Barbara’s family. I decided I would stop by and say hello to Barbara’s parents. Well, to be more specific, I was compelled to go. I was, in fact, escorted to the door with an angel on either side of me. Arm in arm we went to the door with not much choice on my part. I soon discovered that her father had had a heart attack and open-heart surgery, and Barbara was in town at the hospital. Thankfully, he fully recovered, but, because of that “unexpected” encounter, Barbara and I made contact again. She decided to move down here to Florida to be close to her family and agreed to teach me Reiki so we could work together.

I was aware of auras and energy fields but had never heard of Reiki. It was inconceivable to me that something so Divine-like and spiritual could be so simple. That, in fact, all we have to do is ask for help to heal and it is there. I instinctively had always known that the body could heal itself but wasn’t quite sure how to facilitate it. I knew about the potential benefits of alternative therapies, and dealing with traditional medicine in my profession had always caused a conflict within me. Patients are given more and more medications to help supposedly them heal, when in fact, only the symptoms are being treated and the underlying cause remains a problem.

So in 2002, my life changed forever. Barbara taught me Reiki Level I and subsequently Level II and, finally, Master/Teacher Level. What a wonderful experience! Reiki brought me to another level of awareness. I no longer looked at life the same way. I realized that what I thought was life was just my physical body going through daily routines and experiences. With this new awareness, I realized that life is an electrifying and energetic experience. I felt connected with Universal energy and a part of the Divine. I realized how truly simple life is and that I was put on this path for spiritual maturity and fulfillment. I also realized how simple this is to accomplish because I had been given the one tool I needed to accomplish this – love. We can all be shown that when we have love, we are able to heal ourselves and with the skills learned in Reiki, heal others.

This has been a particularly interesting experience for me since I am a nurse. I now look at illness differently. It is not something we catch, are cursed with or acquire. Illness is something we give ourselves. By holding onto resentments from the past, having unresolved issues with our families and allowing ourselves to accumulate negative energy from our surroundings and others, we block the flow of our own healing energy. We are our own worst enemies. But with Reiki, we are shown how truly simple it is to heal. When I look at my patients now, I feel badly about how ill some of them really are. But then I find myself saying, “What is the lesson that this patient is supposed to be learning?” If everyone could only know how easily they could be made well by knowing about and practicing Reiki, people wouldn’t need nurses. I would be out of a job, but that would be a good thing.

Even though I am at the Reiki Master/Teacher level, I am still learning. Each day I become a little more patient, a little more compassionate, and have a little more insight. This was all made possible because of Barbara, who is such a loving and caring person. She is a true healer. She does not hesitate to share her knowledge, her experiences, and her love of helping others heal. Her compassion, gentleness, understanding and forgiveness make her a true role model of what we should all strive to be. By giving of herself, she has changed my life and has helped me grow spiritually. This is an ongoing process, and I am in awe each day as I gain more awareness of my energetic spirit and the workings of the Divine.

As for Barbara and myself … we are embarking on a spiritual journey together. We are working towards enlightening others by teaching them Gentle Energy Touch which is a combination of Reiki and Prana energy healing, and helping them heal themselves and others.

Consider the knowledge you are about to acquire a gift. Consider it the first step in your journey of self-discovery, enlightenment and spiritual healing. When we learn how to heal our bodies and our minds, and love others and ourselves, is when we truly grow and mature spiritually. With each step, we get closer to our true goal of reconnecting with the Divine.

With love and enlightenment to you all,

Joan Mazzeo-Little, RN
Gentle Energy Touch Master/Teacher

I had developed muscle aches and weakness in both arms and legs since starting prescription medicines for heart, cholesterol and high blood pressure. This limited my ability to walk and do self-care. I had to use a walker and could not walk long distances without tiring. I was also anemic and required injections on a regular basis to get my hemoglobin count up to twelve, but the effects did not last too long and my count would fall again. I found it difficult to concentrate on my office work and would fall asleep in the middle of doing it. I had a negative attitude about my health and spent much time focusing on my illnesses. Nothing any doctor did or suggested has given me the relief that the weekly Reiki therapy sessions produced.My participation in a relaxing meditative state during these sessions, using positive imagery of my healing angels, strong winds and flowing waters all sweeping, blowing and washing the stress and physical symptoms away, had a definite and positive effect. Upon arising from these sessions, I always have a strong sense of serenity and the ability to walk without any difficulties (without a walker) that lasts for quite a while. My mind is clearer and I am able to focus on my office work for several hours and not fall asleep. The frequency of the injections for my anemia has lessened, and my count actually hit thirteen, which it has never done! I have a much more positive mindset about my health and do not focus on my illnesses, but rather on my wellness. I find I am less stressed and am able to handle outside stresses much easier.

No matter why, how or when any of my problems (physical or mental) arise, the peacefulness I have developed and felt during your healing sessions has made it easier and more comfortable to live with and deal with them.

“Thank you”, Barbara for this “gift” you have given to me. I’ll see you for more!

Carole R. Friedlander

I was seeing an older man, many years my senior, and was attracted to his money and looks. He wasn’t a very nice man; impatient, negative, complained, short with me, and judgmental. I was the outlier in his life, in the sense that everyone else were Yes Men around him. That’s why he kept me close. I was more independent compared to the self-conscious airheads who would rely on him for everything, prior to my existence. When I visited Barbara initially, I asked her to hypnotize me to be more patient, submissive, less hypersensitive around him as he often complained I was. I wanted to stop our constant arguments. I didn’t want to lose this man and a financially secure future together. 

Barbara explained, I’m merely energy sensitive and I should be glad I talk back to this “gentleman” and question him so often. She was transparent and said I was too wound up for hypnosis to work right off the bat; we need to clear my energy and cleanse instead, severing my family ties to my paternal units and to this man in my life. His dark energy has made me extremely tense and, whatever weird unresolved issues I had in my family, was effecting the tolerance levels I had for his behavior. She said as soon as overnight or at the most a week I’ll have clarity about him. I might even be more vocal with him as my throat chakra was now open for more communication. 

Soon after, I was disgusted with his appearance, lack of communication, uncouth behavior, and total apathy. I cut him out of my life, cold turkey. Friends were shocked that I was brazen enough to cut off such a man with money and pull. Over one year later, he’s still dead to me; I ignore his attempts to bait me. I don’t engage or ask follow up questions when acquaintances tell me they ran into him. I can’t even look at a photo of him for too long without being repulsed. I’m actually attracted to men half his age, or younger, an idea I was never able to wrap my head around before. The first time I didn’t have this man in my life, I thought the world as I knew it was over. After my healing with Barbara, when I dropped him, a smile spread across my face and I still smile to myself when I think about this day.

I’ve used Barbara’s release, grounding and cleansing techniques on myself, in my mornings, in my home and friends’ homes to clean the energy and send any darkness to the light, in times of emotional and psychological desperation. 

I help my dearest friends by sending them to Barbara for guidance, hypnosis, or we ground ourselves with her techniques.

The universe is awesome and so is Barbara.

Yasmin, Santa Susana, CA
Southern CA Native, Life Transformation Consultant

Barbara is my favorite energy healer. Walking into Barbara's space you immediately feel safe and comfortable. Barbara is so easy to talk to and radiates love and healing. My 7 year old little boy has seen Barbara a few times and thinks she is so special and loves the way he feels after. After a session with Barbara I feel more open and grateful to what awaits me outside her doors. Thank you Barbara! 

Brie Woodey
Spa Director
Calamigos Guest Ranch & Beach Club
327 Latigo Canyon Rd. Malibu, CA 90265

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