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Affirmations That Attract Prosperity

Do you have a hard time focusing on prosperity?  Do you find yourself struggling with negative thought habits that only seem to attract more lack and difficulty into your life?  Affirmations are one simple tool you can use to turn it around.

Affirmations work by delivering new messages to your subconscious mind.  Most often, this involves replacing old, limiting messages with new, empowering messages.

However, the way you word your affirmations will usually determine how effective they are.

If I asked you to recite this affirmation: “I am a millionaire,” how effective do you think it would be?  Would you turn into an overnight millionaire?  Would money start falling out of the sky to land in your lap?  Probably not.  Why?  Simply because you know the statement isn’t true.  If you try to feed your subconscious mind a belief that you are a millionaire, it creates a conflict with your current set of beliefs.  Your subconscious mind does not like conflict, and it doesn’t like change – so nothing in your life changes either!

In order for affirmations to work, you MUST word them in a way that your subconscious mind won’t resist.  In other words, make them believable.

Compare the above affirmation to one like this:  “I am becoming more prosperous every day.”

That one feels better, doesn’t it?  Your mind doesn’t try to resist it because you can actually imagine it happening (even if it hasn’t begun to happen yet).

Another power-boost for affirmations is to word them in a way that places more responsibility on you.  For example, instead of affirming, “I am becoming more prosperous every day,” you could say, “I am open to the best opportunities to make money quickly and easily.”  The wording of such an affirmation makes you feel more in control of your circumstances.  Rather than waiting anxiously for money to fall out of the sky, you send a message to your subconscious mind that you can control how much money you have by being alert to great opportunities.

Affirmations can vary in the length of time required to firmly “take root” in your mind.  For the most part, it depends on the intensity of your opposing beliefs and the level of effort you put forth in turning those beliefs around.  If your focus on lack is very strong, you’ll probably have to expend a fair amount of energy and effort to train your mind to focus on prosperity.

However, it is time and effort well spent because the more you focus on positive thoughts and prosperous beliefs, the more you’ll find yourself attracting good things into your life.

Here are a few good affirmations to help get you started on the road to prosperity:

  • I use my thoughts and emotions to attract abundance effortlessly.

  • I am becoming more prosperous and successful every day.

  • I know I have what it takes to be as successful as I want to be.

  • I am talented and resourceful.

  • I create a better life one positive thought at a time.

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