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Here are the topics that will be covered to help you understand how to heal yourself:


Introduction to Energy Healing

  • There’s certainly nothing new about hands-on healing. It is an ancient method of revitalizing the energy fields of your own (or someone else’s) body. I’m going to start at the beginning and teach you each of the basic techniques in turn. We’ll create a solid foundation and then build from there. We’ll start with things you can do for your own healing, and if you are already an energy practitioner, I think you will find plenty of information here that will be useful as well.

Video 1 - Who can benefit from Energy Healing?

  • Gentle Energy Touch is good for everyone! Its goal is to discover the limitation causing a blockage, recognize its pattern and where it comes from, and then let it go.

Video 2 - What is the Gentle Energy Touch Method?

  • Gentle Energy Touch (GET) is a hands-on method that helps to create a feeling of inner peace. It shows you how to think of yourself as being lovable and grateful for what you already have. It enables you to explore and support your inner growth and spiritual development.

Video 3 - Learn about Gentle Energy Touch, Chi and Chakras

  • Gentle Energy Touch works by unblocking the natural flow of vital energy through the body. This vital energy or ki (also called chi or qi) continually courses through all living things and supports life. The vehicles through which this energy flows are called chakras.

Video 4 - Understanding all Seven Major Chakras in Depth

  • Since all healing depends on allowing the free flow of Chi by opening the chakras, we’re going to explore what they are and how they work. Let’s start with the word itself, which derives from the ancient Sanskrit term meaning “spinning wheel of energy.”

Video 5 - Learn about Your Aura

  • Another word for energy field is aura. The dictionary defines aura in many ways, one of which is, “a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a person, such as an aura of sanctity.” Simply put, your aura is a multilayered energy field that surrounds your body and intermingles with the atmosphere of the earth and all other forms of life.

Video 6 - Learn how to feel the Energy you will be working with

  • This exercise is done with the intention of activating the energy in the hands. Start by shaking both hands for fifteen seconds.

Video 7 - What you may Experience during your Self-Healing Treatments

  • As you begin to practice the self-healing treatments, you may experience a “cleansing” period. The mind and body are being stimulated to release toxins, along with feelings and emotions that are no longer needed.

Video 8 - Learn the Steps you need for your Healing Session (Understanding the Importance of Closing, Balancing and Grounding after your session)

  • Every session as you work on yourself has some essential elements. In my work, I have identified thirteen steps that make for a complete healing session. I will explain each one but want to give you a whole picture first of what needs to be done.

Video 9 - Learn the Self-Healing Positions

  • Complete self-healing positions with chakra information for each area of your body.

Video 10 - Learn Energy Protection Techniques

  • Now that you learned about your aura, chakras, and how to do energy healing on yourself…I have one more step for you to follow because I feel it is extremely important that we protect our energy and it is called energy protection.

Video 11 - Conclusion

  • I feel these are all the tools you need to help yourself heal on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. As you enter into the world of energy healing, see within yourself that stable center, that perfect seed, the perfection, your potential.



This course is packed with instructional materials

  • Included in PDF format are Essential guidelines, self-healing positions and photos, energy protection techniques, affirmations, plus much more


Learn to heal yourself

$125.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
  • Heal your life and develop your innate abilities to help heal on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…

    This course is different from Reiki. With energy healing there is no need for symbols and you understand that in order for the energy to help you heal, you need to resolve your challenges…those issues in your tissues. However, if you are a Reiki practitioner you will find a lot of great information here.

    Join me for this insightful 3-hour energy healing video course that will change your understanding of yourself and others. You will learn simple yet profound methods for your own self-healing. The video is broken down into 12 sections so you can learn at your own pace.

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