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1.      The Behavior Modifier - Reclaiming your Self-Control and Will Power

o   As you access and use your super-conscious mind, your ability to make miraculous changes in your thoughts and actions is fortified; your personal power and self-preservation mechanisms work extremely and lovingly; and, your success becomes a inevitable conclusion.


2.      Healthy Eating - Increase Self Awareness

o   You have probably noticed that when you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water, that your appetite quickly diminishes. It is because your body’s need for nutrients is satisfied through good nutrition and ideal water consumption.

o   When you eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, you have more energy, you are healthier, and it’s easier for you to avoid sugary, greasy, fatty, salty, and oily food.


3.     Future Visions- A Slender, Happy & Healthy You

o   Imagine yourself walking along the beach with the body that you have been dreaming of having. See how attractive you look. .Notice how great you feel. .Wow! Consider how glad you are that you freed yourself from excess weight and got in shape. .It truly was worth the effort it took.


4.      The Maintenace Team

o   Your mind and body are now beginning to correct any unhealthy reactions and conditions inside you in preparation for your miraculous transformation.

o   Your subconscious is now balancing your blood sugar levels, your chemical and hormonal levels, your immune system, and every cell of your body, to ensure your health and happiness.

o   Your subconscious is now adjusting your metabolism, safely and appropriately to prompt healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss Series

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