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What's the connection between meditation and weight loss?

Meditation is often thrown out the door and disregarded because people question how sitting and not burning calories can help them lose weight.  But our body is a mirror reflection of what’s going on in our minds. If our primary focus is on losing weight, we cut ourselves off from the emotional and mental beings we are, and that prevents us from understanding why the weight is showing up in the first place.

Through meditation and mindfulness, you can connect the dots to create a unique and personalized approach so that you are keeping the weight off as well as finding peace with food and your body. Best of all, you’ll find yourself becoming more confident, compassionate and loving towards the most important person in your life — you!

Traditional plans usually focus on calories in versus calories out, designing meal plans, educating people about exercise and telling them what supplements to take. Sadly fad diets, trends and pills usually only give you temporary results. They can cause you to yo-yo diet, which often makes people feel frustrated. And research shows that traditional diets often lead to low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. These feelings often fuel the decision to choose unhealthy foods, and the cycle continues. So let me give it to you straight! I’ve discovered in my practice that ‘what to eat’ and ‘how you exercise’ are only small pieces of the big puzzle.


You see, what traditional programs overlook is that you'll face countless obstacles to successfully adopting a new routine and most importantly, the highest barrier is often ourselves. Traditional weight loss programs tell us what we should be doing, which is often not sustainable, and they rarely focus on how we can change our long-term behavior. When it comes to losing weight, most of us have focused on the wrong things. We haven’t worked on the most important part of ourselves, our minds.  And then we blame and judge the ‘program' or coach instead of looking within. Ancient wisdom teaches “a healthy mind is a healthy body.”


Just as a house falls to the ground without its foundation, your body can become overweight and sick without a mind focused on health and happiness!

As you continue to listen to these MP3’s program regularly, the more these empowering suggestions continue to grow. Isn’t it time to respect and love your body?  Your body is the only temple you live in and you are unable to exchange it for another one.  Give yourself a gift!  A Gift of health!  A gift of living a long healthy life with family and friends.  A Gift of health is one of the most precious gift’s you can give to yourself.  When we are healthy we are wealthy!

Listening to the MP’3 weekly, will allow you to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits!