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Benefits of Journaling

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Hi Everyone, hope you are having a wonderful week and yay tomorrow is Friday! Weekend time!

I thought you would find this of value. I have been journaling for many years and that is how I wrote my book "Gentle Energy Touch, the Beginner's Guide to Hands-On Healing" Took quite many years but it was a major accomplishment for me. By writing my book I was able to let go of issues I had been holding onto. My journal helped me to heal and made me truly aware of my purpose and passion in life. As many of you know, I am a healer, hypnotherapist and life coach.

Journaling is a fantastic way to supercharge your self-development efforts. When your thoughts are still in your mind, they can be challenging to analyze objectively.

Getting things out of your head and down on paper provides a totally different perspective.

Thinking tends to be very sequential; one thought leads to the next, which leads to the next. We get caught in a linear track and miss out on the bird's-eye view of the whole thought process. With journaling you gain the ability to see things from a third-person view versus a first-person view.

Three Great Benefits of Journaling

1. Solve complex challenges. When you write the issue at hand down on paper, the solution for a complex challenge often suddenly becomes obvious. The ability to re-examine the issue from a third-person perspective can make all the difference.

2. Increase clarity. One of the best times to lean on your journal is when you're filled with uncertainty about what action to take. Many things become clearer when you can get them down in writing.

3. Validate your progress. Sometimes we feel like we're spinning our wheels and not making genuine progress. When you're feeling this way, go back and review your old journal entries. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you've made since then. And you’ll also probably realize that you're taking huge strides right now, too!

How to Start a Journal

You might envision creating a journal in a one of those blank books you can pick up in the bookstore. While this option certainly has a romantic feel to it, you might want to consider keeping an electronic journal.

Electronic journals can be essentially free; you could start a blog on a free website or simply use your word processing program.The big advantage with electronic journals is the ability to search for things. Imagine going back through 10 years of written records, trying to find a specific entry.Additionally, if you type faster than you write, an electronic journal can be beneficial when you’re trying to get complex thoughts out in a short period of time.Also, there are several software programs available specifically developed for journaling. If you can spare the $20-$30, they’re worth checking out, and provide a lot more flexibility than the traditional pen and paper approach.

Habit-forming: Make Journaling a Daily Activity Even if you think that there aren't enough interesting things happening in your life on a daily basis to bother recording them, don’t let that deter you. New habits are much easier to implement if the activity is performed on a daily basis. Even getting down a couple of sentences every night is a great idea. You'll be surprised how often you'll write much more.

This practice can even help make your life more exciting and fulfilling. Just knowing that you have to journal each night may compel you to make your life a little more adventurous, just so you have something interesting to write. Try it! During the day, you'll notice that little thought in the back of your mind wondering what you can write about tonight.

Get started with your journal today. It's an activity that has little to no cost but provides numerous benefits. You’ll see your clarity increase and have a much better sense of just how much progress you really are making in your life. Start journaling today and watch your self-development take on a new perspective.

100 Benefits of Journalizing Resource lists are an intuitive tool to help us get feedback from the subconscious about what is important for us. Scan the list below quickly, noting which benefits catch your attention. From the items you checked off, pick the top seven and explore these aspects in your journal.

Stress reduction

-Reduces the scatter in your life

-Increases focus

-Brings stability

-Offers a deeper level of learning, order, action and release

-Holds thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated

-Processes your stuff in a natural and appropriate way

-Releases pent-up thoughts and emotions


-Disentangles thoughts and ideas

-Bridges inner thinking with outer events

-Detaches and lets go of the past

-Allows you to re-experience the past with today's adult mind


-Heals relationships

-Heals the past

-Dignifies all events

-Is honest, trusting, non-judgmental

-Strengthens your sense of yourself

-Balances and harmonizes

-Recalls and reconstructs past events

-Acts as your own counselor

-Integrates peaks and valleys in life

-Soothes troubled memories

-Sees yourself as a larger, important, whole and connected being

-Leverages therapy sessions for better and faster results

-Reveals and tracks patterns and cycles

Know yourself and your truth better

-Builds self confidence and self knowledge

-Records the past

-Brings out natural beauty and wisdom

-Helps you feel better about yourself

-Helps you identify your values

-Reads your own mind

-Aids in connecting causes to effects

-Reveals the depths of who you are

-Reveals outward expression of yet unformed inner impulses

-Creates mystery

-Clarifies thoughts, feelings and behavior

-Reveals your greater potential

-Shifts you to the observer, recorder, counselor level

-Reveals your processes - how you think, learn, create and use intuition

-Creates awareness of beliefs and options so you can change them


-Reveals different aspects of self

-Helps you see yourself as an individual

-Connects you to the bigger picture

-Is a close, intimate, accepting, trusting, caring, honest, non-judgmental, perfect friend

-Accesses the unconscious, subconscious and super consciousness

-Finds the missing pieces and the unsaid

-Helps rid you of the masks you wear

-Helps solve the mysteries of life

-Finds more meaning in life

Personal growth

-Enables you to live life to the fullest

-Is fun, playful and sometimes humorous

-Expresses and creates

-Plants seeds

-Starts the sorting and grouping process

-Integrates life experiences and learning’s

-Moves you towards wholeness and growth, to who you really are

-Creates more results in life

-Explores your spirituality

-Focuses and clarifies your desires and needs

-Enhances self expression

-Enhances career and community

-Allows freedom of expression

-Offers progressive inner momentum to static unrelated events

-Exercises your mental muscles

-Improves congruency and integrity

-Enhances breakthroughs

-Unfolds the writer in you

-Maximizes time and business efficiency

-Explores night dreams, day dreams and fantasies

-Measures and tracks what is important

Easier problem solving

-Eases decision making

-Offers new perspectives

-Brings things together

-Shows relationships and wholeness instead of separation

It’s flexible and easy

-Can be applied to clarify any issue in your life

-Takes so little time to stop, pay attention and listen to yourself

-Meets your needs, style, processing methods

-Caters to left and right brained people

-Has no rules - messiness, typos, poor writing are all OK

-Is often self-starting and motivating and supplies its own energy

Enhances intuition and creativity

-Improves self trust

-Awakens the inner voice

-Directs intention and discernment

-Provides insights

-Improves sensitivity

-Interprets your symbols and dreams

-Increases memory of events

Captures your life story

-Teaches you how to write stories

-Soothes troubled memories

-Captures family and personal story

-Stimulates personal growth

-Improves family unity

I hope your enjoyed this article. If you have questions or want to book a session either in person or distant healing, please call me at 805-390-2915 or email:

Have a beautiful weekend filled with love and light xoxox Barbara

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