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Protect Your Aura

Would you like to do more to shield yourself from negative energy?  You can, by protecting your aura. Below you will find 7 different techniques to do so!

As you do the following protection techniques, visualize your aura surrounded with white protective light, surrounding you from your head down to and under your feet.

Remember: The INTENTION of protecting your energy field is what protects you. When using any form of protection – always send negative energy down to Mother Earth with love and light and healing. We want the negative energy to heal. Trust your inner guidance and follow your intuition.

Technique 1: Closing the Aura

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself is to make your aura dense and compact. This makes the aura more difficult to penetrate and can be done instantly. Closing the aura is a conscious form of energy protection. To completely close your aura, cross your legs and put your hands together on your lap or the lower abdominal area, or completely crossing your arms. There is no need to visualize anything, just use your intention to close the aura. This technique is effective when you are around people at a business meeting, a party, in an airport, etc. It effectively prevents individuals from draining your energy. When you are no longer in, a place of energy depletion (in a safe space) set the intention to open your aura to receive love, light and for the same to go out to others.

Technique 2: Non-Reaction

When someone gets very angry with you and you do not show a reaction to their emotion, have you noticed they get angrier? The anger directed towards you bounces back to the individual creating more of an imbalance around their energy field. What you can do to protect your own energy in a situation such as this is to stay calm and remain detached and you will not be affected by their anger. You must be the one to think clearly and respond without attachment to their emotional outburst as long as you are not in danger. Attempt to get the angered individual out of their mindset of anger. Sometimes just saying, “I am sorry” or “how can I help you” or simply just listening without interrupting them can decrease their anger towards you.

When you react to someone’s anger, you become vulnerable to his or her negative thought forms allowing attachment to your aura. Remaining in a neutral and positive state is extremely important. Visualize, imagine, and silently chant “peace,” “shanti,” “shalom,” “love and light,” or “peace is with you.” Concentrate on your heart. Bless the person with love and the intention that their negative energy becomes calm, loving, peaceful, and understanding. You will also feel better about doing this because your own energy will not be depleted. I know it is sometimes difficult to do when someone is screaming at you, but remain calm and you will see that the effect will be lessened towards you.

Technique 3: Protection through Loving

“Love” is a positive and creative force that repels negativity. It empowers you because the power of love will block any attacking energy and push it away. Negative energy cannot attach itself when you do not welcome unhealthy attitudes or negative vibrations. Always feel and think loving thoughts. I always say to myself “love and light” to those I meet.

Technique 4: Simple Visualization

This method is simple yet powerful. When feeling negative energies around you, simply close your eyes; ask the energy to leave and visualize sending it down to Mother Earth with love and light and healing. Continue sending and visualizing until you feel your aura is clear. Remember positive intention creates positive reality.

Technique 5: Healing the Environment

This simple technique is done with the intention of removing residual negative energies left from anyone handling, manufacturing or distributing food, clothes, cosmetics, etc. Place the palms of both hands over the food you are about to eat or beverage you are about to drink and ask for any unwanted energies to be removed. Ask for healing energies be directed onto the food and water. Then eat and drink slowly, visualizing eating and drinking healing light. Do the same with cosmetics, clothes, etc. Ask for the negative energies to be removed from the item and send the energies to Mother Earth with love and light and healing. Repeat this technique until you feel the items are clear of unwanted energies.

Technique 6: Cocooning

This technique is powerful! It is called cocooning your body. Imagine a protective (encircling) cocoon of white and golden light beginning from under your feet, going up around your legs, thighs, hips, waist, stomach, chest, heart, throat, face, and head and around the entire back of your body. Ask that any negative energy not penetrate this cocoon but that love spreads out to all people you meet or any situation you encounter. You can cocoon yourself prior to going to work, traveling, prior to having guests come in your home or going out for a night of the town, etc.

Barbara demonstrates sweeping an aura

Technique 7: Sweeping Away (prana technique)

The intention of sweeping is to remove all negative energies that may have attached to your aura. This technique is quick to use and works very well for those in contact with many people throughout the day.

Cup your hands, palms facing you, with your fingers together and fingertips of both hands about three inches apart. Begin about 10 inches above your head and move in a downward sweeping motion to your feet in the front of your body. Visualize the same sweeping motion down your back. Repeat the sweeping motion a few times until you feel the surrounding energy is lighter. Always sweep download and never upward.

Sweeping downward clears and if you sweep upward, you can cause more energy congestion. Always send the negative energy to Mother Earth with love, light, and healing to be recycled. Even though you are not touching the physical body while sweeping the aura, sweeping heals and balances the aura and directly affects your physical health.

The more you practice protecting your aura, the more you will notice you are not being affected by other people’s energies. Just set your intention and practice!

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